Municipal Emergency Management Coordinators

Municipal Emergency Management Coordinators (MEMC) of Butler County

Devastating natural or man-made disasters occur often without warning!

Chaos prevails without Emergency Coordinators to lend direction, organization and while placing the highest value on protection of life, property and the environment.

Title 35

Pennsylvania Title 35 requires all political subdivisions (municipalities) to appoint an Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator (MEMC) to oversee planning, training, and preparation during non-disaster times and to act as the coordinator in the Emergency operations Center (EOC) during times of disasters. The responsibilities placed on this individual are significant. The MEMC is the primary agent for the municipality's elected officials and is invaluable when disaster strikes.

Ongoing Training & Certification Levels

Butler County Emergency Services provides ongoing training programs which helps Emergency Municipal Coordinators develop skills in problem solving and critical thinking when presented with a hazard or disaster. 

In fulfilling its legislated responsibility to support in-service training to county and municipal MEMCs, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) has developed a series of certification levels for coordinators, deputy coordinators, and staff members at the local and county level. The levels of certification are:

We are grateful to the men and women who volunteer their time to be an Emergency Municipal Coordinator and the dedication they put forth in safeguarding their communities!

If you are interested in Emergency Management and/or volunteer opportunities, please contact your MEMC via your township, borough, or city municipal office.

Municipal EMA Coordinator