Commissioner Boozel

County Commissioner Kevin Boozel currently resides in Slippery Rock with his wife of over 30 years, Renee. They have two sons serving in the Armed Forces: Staff Sgt.  Zachary Boozel, Sgt. Colton Boozel.  Kevin also has a two-year-old grandson, Beau, parents are Zachary and Kia Boozel.

Kevin completed his Master of Science Degree at Geneva College for Organizational Leadership and has more than a decade of service as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT. In 2021, Kevin served as President of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, and in 2022, appointed to serve as Board Chairman of CCAP. He currently serves on two state-appointed Boards: PA Opioids Trust and the State Geospatial Coordinating Board. As a part of the PA Opioids Trust Board, he assisted in negotiations of the opioid settlement against major pharmaceutical companies.

 As well as serving on CCAP’s Board of Directors, he also serves on the following CCAP Committees: Chairman, Resolution and Policy, Emergency Management and Veterans Affairs, Finance, Community and Economic Development, Personnel, and Strategic Planning. Commissioner Boozel, appointed by the National Association of County Officials, participates in NACo’s Opioid Solutions Leadership Network and was selected to Chair NACo’s GIS Subcommittee. He also serves on the NACo Economic Growth and Development Committee. In his role as County Commissioner, he serves as Secretary of the Board of Commissioners as well as serving on several County Boards and civic organizations

Kevin continues to find satisfaction/challenges in his current role by ensuring the success of current projects and by taking on new projects that are community-driven. His strong desire to provide the best services to the residents while drawing on his unique leadership experience is the driving force that keeps his interest peaked and dedication strong.

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State Geospatial Coordinating Board

Geospatial Coordinating Board
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