I adopted a child in a foreign country. How do I get a Pennsylvania birth certificate for the child?

To obtain a Pennsylvania birth certificate based upon a foreign adoption proceeding, Pennsylvania residents must bring all original foreign documents including the adoption certificate and the certified English translations for each document to our office.

Adoptive parent(s) will be asked to complete a form that requires a social security number and a statement of citizenship/residency. This form provides the information required to complete the Vital Records forms. We certify and forward the requisite documents to Vital Records. Adoptive parents will be provided a birth certificate application form and must send it separately to Vital Records with a copy of their photo ID, payment. We are no longer permitted to obtain the birth certificate for you.

Adoption regulations, laws vary from country to country. While adoptions from some countries permit a simple registration, others may require a re-adoption hearing in Pennsylvania courts. You should consult with your adoption agency and an attorney well versed in foreign adoptions immediately to ensure the future of your child's welfare.

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