How was I chosen for Jury Duty?

A computer randomly selects your name from a master list which contains names of Butler County registered voters.

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1. How often may I serve Jury Duty?
2. How was I chosen for Jury Duty?
3. I am a full-time student and unable to miss classes. Will I still have to serve?
4. I am on active duty in the military. How can I be excused?
5. I either sent in a written request for excusable or checked the appropriate box in question 21 regarding excusals on the qualification form but haven't heard anything. What should I do?
6. I haven't lived in Butler County for quite some time. Why did I get a jury summons?
7. I recently served on jury duty. Do I have to serve again?
8. I take medication and/or have medical problems. Do I still have to serve?
9. I'm not a Butler County resident. Am I still eligible to serve?
10. Is there an age limit for Jury Duty?
11. My employer does not pay me while serving on jury duty. Do I still have to serve?
12. My employer said it will create a hardship for them if I serve on Jury Duty. Is my job protected in any way?
13. Will I be paid for jury service? If so, when will I receive payment?
14. How may I request a postponement?