How do I donate my body, or a loved one's body?

Whole body donations are fairly common and done for a variety of purposes. Some people may do them for scientific purposes. Others choose them because they are a less costly alternative to a common funeral with a burial, thus leaving less of a burden for their loved ones.

Usually, the person donating their body must give their own consent and therefore must be alive, of sound mind, and able to sign a donation agreement. In some cases, a legal representative or next of kin can arrange a donation for a loved one. That decision is up to the donation bureau or agency. Please contact them with questions.

In all cases, these donations are not handled by the Coroner.  Research "whole body donation" for more information. For your convenience, two agencies are listed alphabetically below:

Anatomy Gifts Registry - Maryland: (800) 300-5433 | |

Humanity Gifts Registry - Pennsylvania: (215) 922-4440 | |

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