How do outside entities obtain an Autopsy, Toxicology and/or Coroner's report?

Insurance companies should place requests on company letterhead and include a statement of authorization or a signed release. Requests from attorneys must be accompanied by a subpoena or court order. Payment must be received before documents will be released. Faxed subpoenas will not be accepted.

The charges, per Act 154 of 2018, are:

Autopsy Report:                                   $500.00

Toxicology Report:                               $100.00

Coroner’s Report:                                 $100.00


Disposition Authorizations:        $50.00 per request

Microscopy Slides:                               $20/slide


Please note that autopsy reports, pursuant to determination of the Court of Common Pleas of Butler County, are not public records subject to Right-to-Know requests by the general public.

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