Are all project costs eligible for payment with BCIB loan proceeds?

No. Eligible project costs include the following:

  • Planning/engineering/design/inspection
  • Environmental site assessments and studies
  • Land/easement acquisition/right-of-way necessary to construct the eligible project
  • Construction/expansion/improvement/repair/rehabilitation of public infrastructure
  • Traffic signs/signals/control/lighting/crosswalks
  • Demolition of structures/clearing and preparation of land necessary for eligible project construction
  • Permit fees/inspection costs
  • Utility relocation
  • Legal fees
  • Administrative costs associated with the financing (to be determined, in part, and confirmed by the County at the time of application approval)

Please be advised that the above list of eligible uses does not constitute Act 13 eligibility. Municipalities should consult with the County regarding specific eligibility questions. All Applicants must attend a pre-application conference to be considered for the BCIB Program.

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