What is the BCIB loan program approval process?

The BCIB Advisory Board intends to follow the process described below. Applicants are encouraged to check the Butler County website for the current schedule of important dates and deadlines applicable to the current BCIB loan Program cycle and approval process:

  • The BCIB Advisory Board will complete a review period to confirm eligibility requirements established by the BCIB Program Guidelines. Any questions regarding eligibility can be directed to Mark Gordon at 724-284-5300 or email Mark Gordon.
  • Applicants considered for award will be required to make a public presentation to the BCIB Advisory Board. Presentations will be made during public meetings scheduled by the BCIB Advisory Board. The general public will have an opportunity to comment at each meeting on projects of interest. Written comments will also be accepted. Invited Applicants will be notified of the date and time of the public presentation.
  • Following public presentations, the County reserves the right to schedule follow-up meetings or request additional information. Such meetings would be held to ensure all Applicant and project related questions are addressed. Additional meetings will not have an impact on evaluation criteria when rendering final award decisions. The BCIB Advisory Board will establish a deadline for submitting written comments or materials.
  • After public presentations have been completed and all written responses have been received, the final review process will ensue. The BCIB Advisory Board will review projects for creditworthiness and constructability, and use the evaluation criteria, as outlined in Section 6 of the Program Guidelines, to evaluate and rank projects, and make recommendations to the Butler County Board of Commissioners.
  • Loan awards will be announced during a public meeting of the Butler County Board of Commissioners. The County reserves the right to approve or reject any project based on eligibility and project merits as outlined within the program guidelines.

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