Consumer Credit & Residential Mortgage Foreclosure

Announcement - June 2020:

The current public health crisis has forced us to postpone the past few sessions of Credit Conciliation. Unfortunately, the July session will also be postponed. We understand many of you may have cases impacted by this and we are working to implement best practices that not only ensure a timely resolution, but also safeguard the health and safety of everyone involved.

It is our goal that when the emergency eases we will begin rescheduling cases that have been postponed. Please be advised, request for admission to the Credit Conciliation Program are being accepted, although a Conciliation Conference date will not be assigned until the program is fully resumed.

In the interim, if you have cases currently enrolled in the Credit Conciliation Program that have reached an agreement, but need a Court Order to stipulate that agreement, kindly send the case information to It is possible a hearing via zoom or telephone can be arranged to obtain the necessary Order prior to full resumption of the program. In addition, please notify us if you have a case that has reached a final settlement/resolution and file the necessary paperwork.

We thank all of you for your willingness to participate in the Credit Conciliation Program. Rest assured this postponement is only a delay. Although the structure of Credit Conciliation Conferences may be different in the future, the program will continue, as it is a valuable program that is important to our Court and community.

Diversion Program

The mortgage foreclosure and credit card default crises are also legal crises for many people. Many homeowners are losing their homes and credit card debtors are being subjected to unnecessary financial losses because they lack the ability to navigate through the complex legal processes involved. Although foreclosure and financial losses may be inevitable for many individuals, it is not so for all. Having legal representation can help some homeowners save their homes and some credit card debtors from unnecessary financial losses and credit score penalties.

Judicial Response

Recognizing that a judicial response to this crisis was needed, the Butler County Court of Common Pleas, in conjunction with others in the Butler County community, developed the Consumer Credit/Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program ("Program"). The Program has been developed through collaboration among a broad spectrum of interested persons and agencies within the Butler County community. The goals of the Program are to provide a court-sanctioned opportunity for credit and legal counseling for the debtor and to facilitate communications between creditors and debtors at the outset of a case so as to make possible an early resolution between the parties and avoid unnecessary litigation and waste of judicial resources.

Help is available and it is free!

Contact Information

Contact the Butler County Housing Authority at 724-287-6797 for more information and help to prepare and file a Request for Conciliation Conference (PDF).

Mortgage & Credit Card Assistance Classes

These counseling classes are free and are conducted in a group setting. Each session provides an overview of the relevant law, the legal process, and the options defendants can pursue. These classes are mandatory for all participants in the Butler County Consumer Credit and Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program. View more on the following:

Credit Conciliation Partners

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