Policy Statement

The participation of citizens in our system of justice is vital to the efficient and effective administration of justice in Butler County. The Court strives to make jury service a convenient and pleasant experience and to accommodate all jurors within reasonable limits in balancing the interests of the Court and juror. Every citizen of Butler County who has attained the age of 18 will be qualified to serve as a juror unless one or more of the following applies:

  • The individual is unable to read, write, speak and understand the English language.
  • The individual is incapable, by reason of mental or physical infirmity, to render efficient jury service. In which case, a medical excuse is needed from a physician.
  • The individual has been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year and has not been granted a pardon or amnesty.

Persons failing to meet the above eligibility requirements will be disqualified from service as a juror. The Court does not provide exemptions from jury service based upon one's occupation, profession, or status. In cases of hardship, potential jurors must present their request to a Judge on selection day.

Excusal & Deferral Requests

  • Deferral of jury duty means that the juror is not required to report on the summoned date, but may be summoned later during the year.
  • Reasons for excusal are reviewed and evaluated pursuant to court policy by the Admin Judge.
  • Jurors receive a prompt response to all excuse/deferment requests.
  • Jurors who realize that they have a problem serving may request an excusal or deferral from the President Judge by submitting a written request. A medical excuse request must have a doctors excuse.

Failure of Jurors to Appear

  • Jurors who fail to report for jury duty and have not been excused or deferred from service are accountable to the Court.
  • A prospective juror who has been summoned to serve as a juror and who fails to appear as summoned shall, unless exempt or excused pursuant to Section 4503, be punishable for contempt of court and may be fined in an amount not exceeding $500 or imprisoned for a term of no more than ten days or both.