• Adjudication of Delinquency - Formal finding by the Juvenile Court that the offender has committed a delinquent act and is in need of treatment, supervision, and rehabilitation; allows the court to supervise the juvenile up to age 21. It gives the juvenile a permanent court record.
  • Consent Decree - An Order of the Court which suspends the delinquent proceedings against the juvenile and places the youth under voluntary supervision for six months in length which can be extended for an additional six months. However, it cannot exceed one year, under terms and conditions established by the probation department and agreed to by all parties affected.
  • Delinquent Act - A crime committed by a juvenile.
  • Disposition - The final decision as to how a juvenile’s case is handled.
  • Formal Probation - Supervision of the juvenile under the direction of the Juvenile Court.
  • Informal Adjustment - An administratively enacted supervision, up to six months in length and usually has the least amount of conditions, but can be extended for three additional months.
  • Petition - The formal list of charges filed with the Clerk of Courts.
  • Placement - Where the more serious and repeat juvenile offenders are sent for treatment outside of the home.
  • Social History - The compiling of information pertaining to the juvenile offender in order for the Juvenile Supervisor and/or President Judge to determine the appropriate level of services needed.