Behavioral Health Court

What Behavioral Health Court Is

Butler County Behavioral Health Court (BHC) was started in 2015 to address the growing number of individuals diagnosed with a mental health disorder who are involved in the criminal justice system. 


The BHC Team includes:

  • Adult Probation Officer
  • BHC Case Manager
  • District Attorney
  • Human Services Representative
  • A Judge
  • Specialty Courts Coordinator
  • Prison Representative
  • Public Defender


The purpose of the program is to provide people who have mental health needs and are currently in the criminal justice system with the appropriate mental health treatment coupled with additional supervised support. All these additional services and supports are in place of traditional punishment. The BHC Team will work together in order to develop a service plan with the Court participant that will address mental health needs, criminal justice involvement, and quality of life needs.


Just as every participant is different, so is every criminal proceeding. There are some individuals who may not be eligible to participate in the program. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case- basis. BHC offers participants within the program access to needed services while providing the opportunity to address their Court related issues.

How Behavioral Health Court Works

BHC consists of three steps or phases. When a participant pleads into (or is accepted into) BHC, they will begin in Phase One. Progression through the phases will occur as the participant successfully meets the requirements of each phase and is approved advancement by the BHC Team. Once the participant successfully completes all phases, a graduation application will then be completed. Once approved by the BHC Team, a graduation ceremony will take place and the participant will have completed BHC.