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Outreach Training & Coordination

At Butler County Emergency Services, we coordinate with other government and community groups involved in emergency preparedness for additional training and development.  Listed below are classes, seminars, etc. from our external partners to include registration, cost (if applicable), etc. 

To view the training and development opportunities, click on the + sign beside the month tab.  Check back often for updates!

If you should have questions and/or are in need of additional information, please contact the coordinating agency or host of the training.   

Any external emergency management based trainings, classes, seminars, etcetera will count towards MEMC quarterly training requirements certain restrictions may apply.

NOTE: MEMCs and Deputy MEMCs, once you have completed the course, place the information into your Member Planet account in the "notes" tab with the training's information (title of training, date, location); upload proof of attendance such as a certificate, sign in sheet, etc. in the "documents" tab, and lastly, send an email to Amy Marree at amarree@co.butler.pa.us advising the above process has been completed. 

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