Farmland Preservation

The Office of Farmland Preservation assists the Butler County Agricultural Land Preservation Board in its efforts to promote the preservation of viable agricultural land in Butler County. This is accomplished through the Butler County Agricultural Land Preservation Program and when possible, by cooperating with other entities with similar goals.

It is the purpose of this program to protect viable agricultural lands by acquiring agricultural conservation easements which prevent the development or improvement of the land for any purpose other than agricultural production and related agricultural activities. Further, it is the purpose of this program to:

  • Encourage landowners to make a long-term commitment to agriculture by offering them financial incentives and security of land use.
  • Protect normal farming operations in agricultural security areas from incompatible non-farm land uses that may render farming impractical.
  • Protect normal farming operations from complaints of public nuisance against normal farming operations.
  • Assure conservation of viable agricultural lands in order to protect the agricultural economy of this Commonwealth.
  • Provide compensation to landowners in exchange for their relinquishment of the right to develop their private property. Maximize agricultural conservation easement purchase funds and protect the investment of taxpayers in agricultural conservation easements.

Agricultural Land Preservation Board

View the Agricultural Land Preservation Board Minutes.

  • Ken Moniot, Chairman
  • William Duncan, Vice-Chairman
  • Robert Burr, Secretary
  • Larry Baumgartel, Treasurer
  • John Allen
  • Eugene Berbigler
  • Luke Fritz
  • Rick Stuchal
  • Alvin Vogel
  • Commissioner Kimberly D. Geyer, Ex-Officio
2022 Agricultural Land Preservation Competitive Applications
Open January 1-31, 2022

Butler County’s highly competitive Farmland Preservation Program will accept applications for the 2022 easement purchase program from January 1-31, 2022 by the Office of Farmland Preservation, 124 West Diamond Street, Butler, PA 16001. The office is open from 8:30am until 4:30pm Monday through Friday except holidays, by appointment. Applications will not be accepted after 4:30pm on January 31, 2022 or if postmarked after January 31st. Depending on available funding, typically between one and three of the top-scoring farms are preserved each year in ranking order.

General requirements for a farm to qualify (detailed information is available in the Program Guidelines to the right on this page under Quick Links) are that it must:

1. be located within a recorded municipal Agricultural Security Area (ASA) of at least 500 acres; and

2. be at least 50 contiguous acres in size unless adjoining a previously-preserved farm; and

3. have at least 50% of the soils available for ag production and of USDA Capability Classes I-IV; and

4. contain at least 50% (or 10 acres) harvested cropland, pasture or grazing land; and

5. be in compliance with a current Conservation Plan completed in accordance with the USDA’s NRCS requirements.

For more information, please contact the Butler County Farmland Coordinator at  or phone 724.284.5305. The program application is also available under Quick Links.