Candidate Information

General Information

Petition Forms & Instructions

Petition forms and instructions are for candidates of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party only. Candidates of minor political parties and political bodies may not utilize these forms.

Before downloading or printing any of the nomination petitions please read all instructions very carefully. Failure to reproduce the nomination petitions correctly may result in the rejection of those forms.

Municipal Election Year

Municipal elections occur in odd-numbered years only (for example 2021, 2023, 2025, etc.). The following forms are for:

  • Nomination Petitions, required forms, and instructions for all Countywide, Magisterial Districts, City of Butler and Butler School District elected offices:
  • Nomination Petitions, required forms, and instructions for all Municipal, School Director (excluding Butler Area School School District), Constable, and Poll Worker elected offices.


Forms listed may be faxed to the office of Election Services (724) 284-5311, please allow five working days from receipt of request. All request shall be picked up in person and if payment is required, payment is due before requests are released. No orders will be accepted within 10 working days immediately preceding any Primary or General Election, including Special Elections.