Child Abuse Investigations

The Butler County District Attorney's Office joined with the Butler County Alliance for Children and the Butler County Children and Youth Office in instituting an investigative model for Child Abuse Investigations in January of 2014. In January, 2015, the Butler County District Attorney assigned a Detective to coordinate and assist with Child Abuse Investigations. This investigative model emphasizes a Child First approach and provides resources for the child victim. As a tool for Criminal Prosecutions, County Criminal Investigators now have a center point at the District Attorney's Office to assist them with these important investigations.

Report Child Abuse

To report Child abuse or neglect, contact Child Line at 800-932-0313.

Mandated Reporters go to the Pennsylvania Child Welfare Information Solution website or call 800-932-0313.

Butler County Alliance for Children

Email the Butler County Alliance for Children, or call 724-431-3689.

Additional Resources

Keep Kids Safe

  • Call the Pennsylvania Attorney General at 800-385-1044 to report online predators.
  • To learn more about protecting Pennsylvania's children from abuse and neglect go to the Keep Kids Safe website.