The County Detectives are the investigative tool used by the District Attorney and staff. They carry out the following responsibilities in their roles:

  • Assist Butler County Municipal Police Agencies in investigations when requested, as well as the Pennsylvania State Police
  • Investigate any incident assigned to them by the District Attorney
  • Investigate each individual going through the court system for prior record and handle all investigations involving Butler County Row Offices and other facilities
  1. Timothy Fennell

    Chief Detective, Drug Task Force Coordinator, Fugitive Investigator, Law Enforcement Representative to Drug Treatment Court

  2. John Hertzog

    Child Victim Crimes Coordinator, Fugitive Investigator, Camp Cadet Liaison

  3. David Aldridge

    Law Enforcement Liaison, Domestic Violence Coordinator

  4. John Johnson

    DUI Task Force Coordinator, Assistant Drug Task Force Coordinator, Right to Know, Elder Abuse Investigator