Treatment Assessment, Information & Referral

Treatment Assessment, Information & Referral Services

Initial Screening

  • Completed during first phone or office visit.
  • A drug and alcohol assessment will be scheduled at this time.


  • Approximately 1 hour, face-to-face contact Monday through Friday at County Office
  • Assessments Determine:
    • Whether or not treatment is needed
    • If treatment is needed, the appropriate level of care is chosen
    • A selection of treatment provider is made
  • Also occurring during the Assessment:
    • Referral is made to treatment provider, if necessary, which may include:
      • Outpatient
      • Intensive Outpatient
      • Partial Hospitalization
      • Residential Services
    • Discussion regarding length of stay is conducted
    • Information and referrals to other, non-drug and alcohol related services

Clients Must Provide
At the time of their assessment, clients need to provide:

  • Income verification
  • Proof they applied for Medical Assistance at the County Medical Assistance (MA) Office

Funding Eligibility

Butler County Drug and Alcohol case managers determine funding eligibility upon completion of eligible verification prior to finalizing treatment referrals.

Schedule Assessment

To schedule an assessment, please contact us at 724-284-5114.