Information for Attorneys

Zoom visits for attorneys: 

Prior to an attorney being able to schedule zoom meetings, the attorney will need to provide a valid bar card, a valid photo I.D., and a good phone number to Warden Beau Sneddon by faxing it to 724-431-0443.  Once this information is received and verified, attorneys will be added to a list of attorneys approved to have zoom visits. Attorneys will not be required to present their bar card or I.D. again until it expires. Once the above information is provided to Warden Beau Sneddon and approved, attorneys wishing to schedule zoom visits with clients that are incarcerated should make all such requests to  Requests should be submitted at a very minimum of 24hrs prior to the requested time.  Slots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis so scheduling as far ahead of time as possible is recommended. The jail will not call back any attorneys informing them they are placed on the approved list, if there are questions whether or not an attorney is approved they can call the Prison.


In-person attorney visits:

Attorneys can visit incarcerated clients any day of the week between 8:00am and 10:00pm (visits must end no later than 10:00pm.)  This can be done by entering the mail lobby of the prison and providing a valid bar card accompanied by a valid photo I.D.  

Phone calls to Attorneys:  

Incarcerated Clients can make phone calls to attorneys also.    For details and to initiate this process of approval for non-recorded legal calls, please contact Smart Communications at 888-843-1972 or to set up an account and receive further information