Absentee & Mail-In Ballot Voting

Permanent Mail-In & Absentee Ballot Update

If you voted by Mail-In or Absentee Ballot in 2020, and chose to be on the Permanent Mail-In or Absentee list when you signed up, you will be receiving a letter from the Bureau of Elections asking if you want to stay on the permanent list for 2022, or be removed from that list and vote in person for the upcoming Municipal Primary, and General Elections.

Detailed instructions are included with the letter you will receive, but here is a video that explains more about the process: Mail-In & Absentee Permanent List Update.

Note: If you choose to be removed from the permanent list when you receive this mailing, you can sign up again by using the links below.

Identification Requirements to Vote by Mail

All absentee and mail-in ballot applications must include proof of acceptable identification. Find out what identification is acceptable.

Registered Voters & Absentee Ballots

To receive an Absentee or Mail-In Ballot Application, you may:

Important Information for All Absentee Voters

All absentee ballots (except for those absentee voters with a disability), must be delivered to the Butler County Bureau of Elections in person, or by way of U.S. Mail. Absentee ballots delivered for absentee voters who do not have a disability by any other means will not be accepted, or counted, by the Board of Elections.

Absentee Ballot Application Deadlines

Except for military electors and civilian electors who make an emergency application for absentee ballot, an absentee ballot application must be completed, signed by the elector, and received by the county board of elections no later than 5 pm on the Tuesday before Election Day.

Electors In Military Service & Absentee Ballots

Absentee electors in military service are not required to be registered to vote. Absentee electors in military service may obtain an absentee ballot by:

  • Filing an Official Military Application Form (Federal Form Number 76), distributed by the United States Department of Defense.
  • Filing any other official absentee ballot application form to request an absentee ballot such as:
    • Only an elector or an adult member of his/her immediate family may submit an application for an absentee ballot.
    • A military elector who is home on Election Day and who has not voted an absentee ballot may, if registered, appear at his/her election district polling place and vote.
    • In the event the military elector is not registered, he/she may apply in person and vote at the office of the county board of elections.
    • Access the official military and overseas voter absentee ballot application (PDF).

Absentee Ballot Application Deadlines for Electors in Military Service

Completed absentee and mail-in ballot applications must be received by the county board of elections no later than 8 pm on Election Day.

Special Write-In Absentee Ballots

Ordinarily an absentee elector will vote on an Official Absentee Ballot printed by the county board of elections that appears substantially the same as the ballots or ballot labels that will be used on Election Day at the polling places. However, absentee military electors and civilian absentee voters who are outside the United States on Election Day might receive a special write-in absentee ballot. Elections officials use these special write-in ballots when they are required by law to deliver absentee ballots to these absentee voters, but official absentee ballots have not yet been printed.

Special Write-in Ballot

The special write-in ballot includes all of the offices and questions that will appear on the official ballots for the electors election district, but not the names of the candidates for the offices. Instead, elections officials will provide to the voter a separate list that will include the names of all of the candidates who have filed petitions or papers seeking to appear on the official ballot and who have not withdrawn or had their names removed from the ballot by a court. A special write-in absentee ballot returned to the county board of elections will be handled and counted in the same manner as an absentee ballot cast on an official absentee ballot. Access this type of write-ballot.

Emergency Absentee Ballots

Obtaining an Emergency Absentee Ballot Application Emergency absentee ballot applications are available at the county board of elections office. The county board of elections will process and approve only those emergency absentee ballot applications that have been completed and signed by the applicant elector before a notary public. Emergency Absentee Ballot Application Deadline Emergency absentee ballot applications must be submitted to the county board of elections between 5 pm on the Tuesday before Election Day and 8 pm on Election Day.

Make Sure That Your Vote Counts

In completing an absentee or mail-in ballot and related ballot material and returning the completed absentee or mail-in ballot to the County Board of Elections, please be sure to follow all instructions received from the County Board of Elections. Improper completion of the absentee or mail-in ballot or related material, or improper delivery of the absentee or mail-in ballot to the County Board of Elections, can result in your absentee or mail-in ballot being challenged and set aside by the County Board of Elections or a court of law.