Non-Service Connected Pension

VA Non-Service Connected Pension is an income based program where the VA provides monthly payments to veterans or widows who meet income and eligibility requirements.  

Basic requirements are:

Veteran must be a Wartime Era veteran, cannot have a dishonorable discharge and one of the following must be true:

Applicant must be at least 65 years old OR

Have a permanent or total disability OR

Be a patient in a nursing home OR

Be receiving SSD or SSI.


Current Basic Pension Rates:

Veteran:  $1336 monthly

Widow:  $896 monthly

Aid and Attendance

If you need the assistance of another person with your daily activities or are in a nursing facility, you may be eligible for additional money on top of a Basic Pension.

Basic Pension plus additional Aid and Attendance rates:

Veteran:  $2229 monthly

Widow:  $1432 monthly

If net worth is over $150,538 you will be considered over the asset limit and will not qualify for the benefit.  Asset limit does not include the value of a house or car.  

Call our office for more information and let us walk you through the process!

*Please note:  You should never pay someone to file for VA benefits for you!  Our office has accredited Veterans Service Officers who offer this service free of charge. 

 For a searchable list of accredited VSOs, visit: VA’s OGC website