Protection Orders

Temporary & Final Orders

The Protection from Abuse (PFA)/Protection from Sexual Violence or Intimidation (PSVI) office is located in the Domestic Relations Section. A person seeking to obtain a Temporary PFA/PSVI Order against an offender should appear in the Domestic Relations Office, located on Level L of the Butler County Government Center. You must arrive between the hours of 8:30 am and 10:30 am. Monday through Friday. 

All Temporary PFA/PSVI Petitions will be presented to the Family Court Judge at approximately 11:30 am. You should plan to be at the Government Center/Courthouse the entire morning. If granted, a Temporary Order will remain in place until a Final hearing can be held, which is scheduled within ten business days.

Emergency Orders

If you arrive after 10:30 am, a staff member will help you assess whether filing an Emergency Petition is appropriate. This shall be coordinated with the Magisterial District Judge after 1 pm. An Emergency Order will be in effect until the next business day only. If you wish to seek a Temporary Order thereafter, you must return the following morning between the hours of 8:30 am and 10:30 am and follow the process to obtain a Temporary Order as described.

Important Items to Be Aware Of

  • There are no filing fees to file a PFA/PSVI Petition.
  • If you are filing on behalf of a minor child and he/she is over the age of nine years old, you may be required to bring the child with you.
  • If granted, the offender will be served with the Petition, the Temporary Order and a Notice of Hearing, usually on the same day that the Order is granted. The Sheriff's office will serve the paperwork.

Flow Chart

A flow chart (PDF) has been created assist petitioners with determining what they may be eligible for.