Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses

2024 Dog Licenses on sale December 1, 2023

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Online Service

Online dog license sales are available at:  Dog Licenses website.


  • Must be licensed by January 1 each year
  • Required for all dogs 3 months of age and older

2024 Annual Dog License Fees beginning December 1st  

  • A dog license for a non-senior citizen is $6.70 for an altered dog and $8.70 for an unaltered dog.
  • A dog license for a senior citizen is $4.70 for an altered dog and $6.70 for an unaltered. The State of Pennsylvania recognizes anyone 65 years or older at the time of application as a senior citizen.
  • Duplicate licenses are available at the Butler County Treasurer’s Office for $1.70.

Please keep the license receipt for your records.

Lifetime License

  • Lifetime licenses may only be purchased at the Butler County Treasurer’s Office, in person or by mail. 
  • If your pet is microchipped, it is eligible for a Lifetime dog license.
  • Lifetime Dog License Application AND Permanent Identification Verification (PIV) Form signed by Veterinarian or Technician are required by law for the purchase of the Lifetime Dog License.
  • Download and print the required forms below:

Other Applications

Complete the application and send it, along with payment to:
Butler County Treasurer
124 West Diamond Street
P.O. Box 1208
Butler, PA 16003

Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement

  • Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement is responsible for law enforcement in regard to dog licenses and other Pennsylvania state laws regarding dogs.
  • Failure to license a dog is a summary offense punishable by a maximum fine of $500 for each unlicensed dog. The minimum fine is $50 plus court costs. All dogs must be under control and are not permitted to run at-large.
  • Complaints may be reported to the Local State Dog Warden, Christopher McKeon at 724-544-1708, or you may complete the following Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Dog Law Complaint form.

Who Can Enforce


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