Pre-Trial Services / Bond Supervision

The Pre-trial Supervision Program is intended to alleviate overcrowding in the Butler County Prison by allowing qualified defendants to remain free on bail pending resolution of charges. The aim of the program is to ensure public safety and a defendant’s appearance and compliance with the conditions of his or her bail bond.

Complying with Conditions of Bond

When the Court places a defendant on Pre-trial supervision, the Pre-trial Release Officer will ensure the defendant complies with conditions of bond, including:

  • Gathering of demographic information.
  • Referral to appropriate services, such as drug and alcohol, mental health or batterers treatment.
  • Monitoring of defendant’s compliance with treatment.
  • Report as directed to the Pre-trial Release Officer. If the defendant complies with conditions of his/her Pre-trial release, the Pre-trial Release Officer may reduce the reporting requirement.
  • Requirement that the defendant follows General Rules of Pre-trial Supervision, in addition to special conditions of bond ordered by the Court.