Public Access Policy

One of the most important goals of the Unified Judicial System in Pennsylvania is to make as much information about the court process as possible available to the public. There are times, however, when certain information is personal and needs to be protected from public dissemination.

Confidential Information

Beginning January 6, 2018, unless required by applicable authority, the following information is confidential and shall not be included in any document filed with the court or custodian, except on a Confidential Information Form filed contemporaneously with the document.

Information That Is Considered Confidential

  • Abuse Victim's Address and Other Contact Information in family court actions (including employer's name, address and work schedule)
  • Driver License Numbers
  • Financial Account Numbers except the last four digits when the financial account is the subject of the case and cannot otherwise be identified
  • Minors' Names and Dates of Birth (except when a minor is charged as a defendant in a criminal matter)
  • Social Security Numbers
  • State Identification (SID) Numbers